Pear Tree Project finished

The Pear Tree Project is officially finished. I have collaborated with Iwona Mazur to write the final report on the project conducted as part of the European DTV4ALL project coordinated by Pilar Orero (UAB, Barcelona, Spain). The Pear Tree Project aimed at finding general characteristics of describing film narratives across 12 (including 10 European) languages in order to determine whether it is possible to develop common European AD standards, and whether it is possible to translate AD scripts across languages. The analysis shows that we cannot really generalise about film descriptions in these languages because the analysed texts manifested huge variations. The general assumption was that if there are no statistically significant differences among languages, the results may be interpreted as depicting characteristics common for all of them. However, statistically significant differences were found in 10 out of 12 examined aspects. The report, following necessary rewriting, will be most probably published in the near future in one of translation journals or edited collections.