Dec 2010

New publications

Two of my articles are now out.

"Practicing isolated subskills in an advanced simultaneous interpreting course.” Estudos Linguisticos e Literarios 39: 15-42.

This paper will present an English-Polish simultaneous interpreting course taught in the final year of the two-year Conference Interpreting Programme for M.A. students at the School of English (Adam Mickiewicz University). Such a complex cognitive skill as simultaneous interpreting requires a connectionist approach based on the involvement of multiple memory components and the strengthening of multilingual lexical links in the bilingual lexicon. To fine-tune the simultaneous interpreting skill of trainee interpreters, it is impossible to simply slow down the speech to be interpreted because it would significantly burden their attentional resources by making them retain processed information longer in the working memory. Hence, trainers have to resort to other means. They have to identify and isolate specific subskills that could be practiced separately in a simultaneous interpreting course. The paper will outline a number of teaching techniques used to develop individual subskills and highlight how e-learning solutions can help motivate students to work individually and assist teachers in developing speech repositories.

"Translating postmodern networks of cultural associations in the Polish dubbed version of Shrek.” In: Jorge Diaz Cintas, Anna Matamala and Joselia Neves (eds.) New Insights into Audiovisual Translation and Media Accessibility.: Media for All 2. Amsterdam/New York: Rodopi. 123-136.

This article was originally written a few years ago. It discusses a domesticated dubbing version of this popular film in the context of the Polish polysystem of films and Steven Johnson’s theory about the complexity of modern narratives.