Aug 2009

AD in Koszalin

I am currently working with Iwona Mazur on audio description of two documentaries (“Przemek”, “Tylko ona”) that will be shown at the European Film Festival “Integration You and Me” in Koszalin. The films will be screened with AD provided live on 11 September.

Another Ministry Grant

I am pleased to announce that I have received a second grant from the Polish Ministry of Science and Higher Education this year. The project (N N104 010637) is entitled “Lexical processing and mental lexicon of bi- and trilingual conference interpreters”. The Project Manager is Prof. Alicja Pisarska and the researchers include me and Maria TymczyƄska. The project will last 12 months and will be part of my post-doc project (bilingual interpreters) and Maria’s Ph.D. project (trilingual interpreters). The grant will provide funding to cover the expenses of a research visit to Brussels where we will examine Polish interpreters working for the European Union institutions. Preparations are underway and I will keep you posted.