New publication

Here is full bibliographic info about an article that has just been published: Chmiel A, Mazur I. 2011. “Audiodeskrypcja jako intersemiotyczny przekład audiowizualny - percepcja produktu i ocena jakości.” In: Kasperska, I; Żuchelkowska, A. (eds.) Przekład jako produkt i kontekst jego odbioru. Poznań: Wydawnictwo Rys, 13-30. It’s in Polish but here’s an abstract in English:

Audio description is a new area in audiovisual translation research. It focuses on the intersemiotic translation of images into words for the blind and partially sighted. Thanks to audio description, the blind have access to the visual aspects of mass media, i.e. they can fully participate in the cultural life of the society. This paper will first focus on the basic rules to follow when creating audio descriptions. Later, the authors will discuss the perception of such a description as a final product and possibilities of its quality assessment based on such criteria as objectivity, synchrony and clarity. Theoretical reflections will be enriched by examples from the audio description of “Serce na dłoni” (A Warm Heart), a film directed by Krzysztof Zanussi. The authors will describe their cooperation with visually impaired consultants and present results of their audio description reception study involving the blind and partially sighted.